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The Must-Have Pool Cleaning Guide for Your Pool in Newcastle

Maintaining your pool can be a lot of work. However, finding a professional pool cleaning Newcastle service, like Jim’s Pool Care, will make life a lot easier.

Keeping the water clean and making sure everything is running smoothly requires constant attention. With life’s other commitments, it can be easy to neglect your pool, especially in the cooler months. Jim’s Pool Care will give your pool the right care and attention it deserves, so it stays looking its best. Here are some tips from our expert pool cleaning Newcastle team to help your pool on its way to crystal clear waters again!

Test your pool’s water

Testing your pool’s water is an important part of keeping it healthy and safe to swim in. A chemically unbalanced pool can result in cloudy water, stains, algae, and corroded surfaces. At Jim’s Pool Care, our pool cleaning Newcastle technicians digitally test your water to ensure accurate results. After testing, we provide you with your pool water report, which will show the exact amounts of chemicals required and used. This means you only pay for what your pool needs, and nothing more.

Check your pool equipment

Even if you have all the equipment required for a clean and well-functioning pool, regular equipment checks are a must. Unless they have been maintained regularly, filters, timers and other pool equipment may not be functioning at their full capacity. If your pool equipment hasn’t been looked at for a while, or even at all, it’s time to all in the experts. Your local pool cleaning Newcastle service, Jim’s Pool Care, has over 20 years of experience, so you can trust your pool equipment is in safe hands.

Ask your local pool cleaning Newcastle technician

Unsure about how to properly take care of your pool? Want to know more about what you should be doing to maintain that sparkling clean water? Ask us! The qualified pool cleaning Newcastle technicians at Jim’s are happy to pass on some tips and tricks to keep your pool the envy of all the neighbours. After all, pools are our passion! We want you to love your pool as much as we love keeping it clean.

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